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It's a pretty.. pretty.. pretty.. good booth

PG ( Pretty Good ) Booth Remote Photo Booth App for iOS

Easy DIY photo booth app for weddings, parties, and lots more...

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Start A DIY Photo Booth App!

The best iPad Photo Booth App

The best iPhone Photo Booth App

The best darn Photo Booth App

With the press of a button you can have your photo booth app up and running

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Get started with the PG Booth photo booth app in just a few seconds. You can also take the time to setup all sorts of fun customizable settings. Connect PG Booth to other devices with PG Booth running the Photo Booth over Wifi. Use PG Booth on an iPad as the Photo Booth, and PG Booth on another iPad or iPhone as a remote. More info about the DIY photo booth

Digital Props

The new iPad Pro with Face ID is coming.. and when it does.. :) It is Digital Props party time!

What is cooler than Digital Photo Booth Props? many things...

with the new iOS 11 PG Booth is starting to play with Digital Props

More Digital Prop Info
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Remote Connection

Remote Photo Booth App

Simple to connect as a remote

Start the photo booth from another device running the photo booth app.

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PG Booth allows for multiple connections via WiFi. So if you are running a booth, several others can connect. The connected users can remotely start the photo booth as well as view strips as they are taken. This makes PG Booth a remote control photo booth app for iOS. Even More Photo Booth App Remote Info..

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Remote Slide Show

Slide Show Photo Booth App

Simple to connect as a slide show

View all the photos taken on the photo booth running on another device.

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PG Booth photo booth app also allows for connecting a remote slide show to display the photos taken on another device running the photo booth app connected to the same WiFi. Even More Photo Booth App Slide Show Info..

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One of the Best iPhone and iPad Photo Booth Apps

  • PG Booth is the one stop shop for your photo booth needs!
  • PG Booth is not very expensive ( created solely by little old me )
  • PG Booth has NO in-app purchases! ( i think we are all tired of these )
  • PG Booth is Constantly updating. I have been adding new features very frequently.

A lot of the photo booth app updates come from user feedback, so please feel free to

ask questions or submit ideas!

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Photo Booth Settings Galore

PG Booth has TONS of customizable settings.

PG Booth allows you to duplicate, rename, import, and export your favorite settings.

Photo Booth Settings

Customize things like seconds before starting, seconds between shots, audio beeps, voice countdowns, text overlays, and much more!

Photo Booth Strip Settings

Customize the layout, background, top / bottom images, fonts, colors, and much much more.

Many other settings

Many other settings for things like buttons, fonts, remote & slide shows, printing, and more!

Set Custom Settings

Customize the iPad Photo booth app to make your perfect photo booth using the settings.


Export that settings file to iCloud Drive from the photo booth app settings view.


Import that same settings file to your iPhone Photo Booth app, or any other device running PG Booth.

*Currrently the importing / exporting of settings does not bring images with. So if you have custom backgrounds, top, or bottom images set in your Photo Booth App you will have to add them again into your PG Booths settings file after importing.

View more settings

iPhone & iPad Photo Booth App Setup

Photo Booth

iPad / iPhone

Turn your iPAD into a Photo Booth quickly and easily.

booth on ipad


iPad / iPhone / TV

Use another iPad, iPhone or TV as a remote to your running photo booth app.

remote on ipad

Slide Show

iPad / iPhone / TV

Use another iPad, iPhone, or TV to display a Live Slide Show of your running photo booth app.

Slide Show on ipad
Get PG Booth

Customize for any occasion!

PG Booth, the best iPad photo booth app can be customized for any occasion

You can now add many photos and drag them where you want them. They will then show up on the photo strip once created.

Easter Example

easter photo strip

Easter Example with overlay images

easter photo strip

St. Patty's Day example photo strip

st patty's photo strip

Download the holiday example background and overlay images.

New Animated GIFs

photo booth app animated gif setting!

Now you can choose two, three, or four image animated gifs.

You can also set the animation time between photos and the number of loops on your gifs. PG Booth also allows you to add background, top, and bottom images to your animated gifs.

booth on ipad

Photo Booth layout options

Here are some examples of the layouts available in the photo booth app PG Booth.

Get PG Booth in the app store!

A DIY Photo Booth App with options

A Great Photo Booth App for any Occasion

PG Booth is super fun at Parties


PG Booth is a great Photo Booth app for Weddings


PG Booth is can also be great when your bored


PG Booth Versions

The best iPhone & iPad DIY photo booth app is updated frequently

Check out the versions