DIY Photo Booth

PG Booth is an easy and very customizable DIY Photo Booth App for the iPhone and iPad!

Steps to starting a DIY Photo Booth

  1. pg booth icon

    Launch PG Booth

    Launch PG Booth Photo Booth App

  2. camera icon

    Press the booth button

    Press the Photo Booth app icon

  3. start button circle

    Start taking photos!

    Now start a photo booth with the touch of a button

PG Booth the remote Photo Booth ( WiFi photo booth app ) Setup Example

PG Booth setup diagram

  • Remote can send start message when using the wifi photo booth

  • Booth responds by sending the photo strip to all connected remote(s) over wifi

  • Connected Slide Shows also get photo strips as they are taken when on the same wifi network

PG Booth is The remote photo booth app that allows for remote starting your photo booth from other devices.